Friday, February 19, 2010

na na na na yhey hey yeah


turn the world up on it's head
i mean completely upside down
i mean change everything to make it
different than it is
so maybe there will be no way
to control the episode
and the sharing will happen
in spite of the fear
or reservations
or obstacles

and the realizations will finally be accepted
as what is

and there will be no more to dig for
only the moments to share
no more dividers between us
only hearts learning to care
without pause or reservation
with only this simple rhyme
it doesn't matter when or how
let's just do it this time...

it doesn't matter why right now
let's just do it this time :)

so it's not na na na na yhey hey yeah
good bye
no it's turned upside down

it's na na na na hey hey yeah
smiling at the frown

it's na na na na hey hey yeah
a simple little rhyme

it's na na na na hey hey yeah
let's just do it this time :)

February 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

don't hurt yourself

trying to get this

it'll be here when you get here
even if i am not


meaningful nothing

meaningful nothing

life is full of noise and most of it is background noise... you decide what is meaningful to you and focus on that and that becomes the noise that matters to you... but from far away, like outer space or somewhere like heaven, it's all background noise...

think about it..


My kingdom for ...

there i was sitting on the plastic throne
porcelean just got too expensive, you know?
thinking about all the plastic i own
and wondering why i just don't go
if life is worth living like this
in a plastic house making plastic piss
then i wonder if this was god's plan
have you any ideas old man

A madness kept in words

there used to be
a madness kept in words
and then came silence to
uncover nothing within
but when the door
opened to the heart
the fallout blew the mind
and though alone,
he lived happily ever after...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tell me

tell me you see beyond the universe
listen to my sighs
tell me you see everything
in my eyes

tell me you see the truth in my soul print
gently spread my thighs
tell me you see everything
in my eyes

tell me you understand what god meant
where the eagle flies
tell me you see everything
in my eyes


Sunday, March 1, 2009

and I will cry

and I will cry a million tears
for every drop of love that's lost
for ever hope that's dashed or tossed
on pylons jagged with deep fears

and I will sigh a million sighs
for ever breath of love exhaled
for ever dream broke or impaled
on reasons that defy all whys

for I have known the truth that sails
the oceans of an angel's heart
and now I crumble mostly dead
to feel the world tear it apart

will no one stand for innocence
for justice of the holy right
for what any new born cries
for just to be held throughout the night

will no one stop the petulance
of greedy insecure children
grown to power on age old lies
gods corrupted once again

oh I will scream a million years
of hellish promises unspoiled
of virgin rapes ornated oiled
condemn me to express your fears

for I will never close my eyes
to conform to a world of lies
and I will not silence the cries
no matter how much I despise

the victims who still have a choice
the free men who still have a voice
the fools who hide behind their fears
in pious robes on golden stairs

awake, new born
and breath once more
remember what this life is for
the answer is within your core
the love that once made you so sure